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1788 : Enlightenment Meets Industry & Convicts Meet Sydney Cove

In London 1788 Alexander Hogg published 3 Volumes- The New Royal Cyclopedia,and Encyclopedia, or Complete, Modern and Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences...Modern Improvements & Latest Discoveries..." The copper plate engravings, printed in 1788, reveal a fraction of the knowledge born from the Age of Enlightenment (c.1650-) & Industrial Revolution (c.1750-). This technological [...]

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Science & Technology = Art Revolution

Waldemar Janszczak and His Impressionism InvestigationRecently a client introduced me to the work by a British art critic and television producer, Waldemar Januszczak. Jane sent me “The Impressionists: Painting and Revolution”. Methinks, “This will be great to listen to while I work on other activities…” WRONG! I happened to be uploading Science and Technology orientated [...]

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Lessons of History : Renewable, Recycle, Repurpose.

Back to the Future : Lessons in Sustainability The CITY OF ADELAIDE clipper is the last original composite- hulled clipper-ships. In 2015 the Clipper Hull sits in Port Adelaide Dock 1 having survived in a lonely slipway in Irvine (Scotland) with a demolition order hanging over it. The 14 year lobby to secure this major [...]

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Sydney: Convict or Hemp Colony?

More a Question of Peak Resources?The big problem of the 21st century has been that we live in an age of "peak resources". This relates to the future energy, food and water needs of an ever growing world population. The word "sustainability" is often used as advertising hooks. There must have been [...]

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Lady Sarah Lennox & King George III

 Royal Court Beauty, Lady Sarah LennoxOn pulling a historical thread to research a traditional Regency silhouette, as so often, a tale of sadness, delight, spirit and a happy ending. It begins with British court beauties which is too often a story of plot and counter-plot, jealousy, envy, hatred, malice. It is refreshing, therefore, to find [...]

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Shady History of Silhouettes

Regency Era Shade PortraitsI believed the term and technique known as “Silhouette” was a French concept...I was mistaken!During the Regency Period (1800-1820), portraiture was on of the mainstays of British art. Having a portrait made confirmed one's worth and a status and, consequently recorded one's likeness for posterity. But for 300 years, the expense required [...]

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River Murray : Charles Sturt 1829 to artist Alexander Sutherland Murray 1898

Twelve Hundred Miles of the River Murray 1898In 1898 artist A.S.Murray published a folio "Twelve Hundred Miles of the River Murray" in London. From 1895 to 1902 Australia had endured "The Federation Drought" that dried up the rivers and lead to mass agriculture labor unemployment. I first came across this folio during the 2002-07 Millenium [...]

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Forest Flora of South Australia : John Edne Brown

Conservator of Forests: "a Man of Trees"In 1878 an interesting Scotsman arrived in Adelaide, John Edne Brown. He was to take up the post of Conservator of Forests for the Government of South Australia. He had a glowing international reputation as "a Man of Trees" when he entered this, "a slice of England [...]

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Botanical Illustration...Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Botanical Illustration in the 18th Century In the 1700’s the Old World was discovering the wealth of new exotic plants arriving in Europe as trading and colonization opened up the world providing an abundance of material worthy of illustration as well as deriving medicinal knowledge. Many of the finest botanical artists have been guided by eminent [...]

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Modern Pickwick Club, Adelaide Students, ANZAC, WWI

Discovery of THE MODERN PICKWICK CLUB in Adelaide "Pickwickians" : An Ancestral Treasure of Adelaide, 1934.This is a lesson of "Birds of a feather stick together" during WWI. A curious battered item appeared in a cache of ancestral photos. Entitled "THE MODERN PICKWICK CLUB-Past and Present Members, July 28, 1934", the faces were unsmiling but there [...]

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