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South Australia c.1840

George French Angas (1822-1886)                                                                                                Angas, aged 22, arrived in the Colony of South Australia on the barque Augustus on January 1st, 1844. The Colony was just over 8 years old and established with the financial help of his father’s company, The South Australia Company. It seemed inevitable that Angas Junior was drawn to this little-known part of the Globe to record it’s environment and the early stages of this unique settlement in a publication called “South Australia Illustrated” which was to be financed by subscribers. Angas Junior wasted no time and set off to inspect the country around the Mouth of the River Murray. In March he traveled down the Fleurieu peninsular. On the 28th Feb1844 he recorded the opening of the Free Chapel of Angaston, the Village of English and German settlers named in honour of his father. In April he set off this time with Governor George Grey on an expedition to the unknown South East coast. He recorded the landscape, the early buildings and the indigenous inhabitants in watercolours which were exhibited in Adelaide in June 1845 and then sent back to London to be lithographed by John West Giles In June 1845 Angas exhibited his art in Adelaide.




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